SEO Mistakes To Avoid


While we all strive for the perfect SEO strategy, we all know that it is a continuous struggle, as both trends and search engine algorithms are shifting constantly. Because of this, digital marketers are pushed to update their websites with the latest and greatest methods and strategies, in the hopes of finding their website on the #1 slot of SERPs.

If you own a website, you might know what we are talking about, and you might also be putting this level of effort into your SEO strategy. However, the pressure can cause you to make mistakes that can seriously harm your efforts. Because of this, we want to share these common SEO mistakes that you should keep an eye out for:

1 – Disregarding Content Marketing

Over the years, content has slowly grown to become an essential part—perhaps even the most important part—of SEO. Unfortunately, it still seems that, amidst all the link-building and website optimisation, many businesses tend to forget all about content marketing.

Be wary of this mistake. Always make sure that your SEO strategy has content marketing at its forefront. Without it, your SEO strategy and your website are doomed to begin with. Even if you do manage to hit the #1 spot on your SERP, you should still focus on content marketing. Otherwise, you will experience no growth, and most likely, you’ll start dropping in rank faster than it took you to go up.

2 – Uploading Duplicate Content

Sometimes, even the simplest of mistakes can happen. In the digital marketing world, the most common example of this situation would be uploading duplicate content, which most commonly happens with homepages and even URLs.

In the world of SEO, duplicated content means the same material is appearing under a different URL. While that might not seem like a big deal, it is when it comes to SEO. A search engine will have a tough time wondering which content to index since they are both extraordinarily similar and the same. Because of this conflict, the result is that the webpage that contains the content does not appear in the user’s query.

3 – Not Offering Mobile Responsive Websites

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can ever do when it comes to SEO is not ensuring that your website is mobile-responsive or mobile-friendly. With more than half of internet users spending their time on the internet using their mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones, by not offering mobile-responsive websites, you are losing out big time.

If you thought that you could get away with only offering a website for desktop users, then think again. Google has taken notice that plenty of people use its services on their mobile phones. As a result, they have made sure mobile-responsiveness is a crucial factor when it comes to SEO. So, for the sake of your website’s SEO as well as your customers, mobile-responsiveness is a must.


While there are many mistakes you might commit in your SEO-strategising journey, these are the three you must keep in mind. While they are common ones, they’re ones that could significantly impact the performance of your website. Problems like these can jeopardise your site, subsequently affecting your business as well. So, do yourself a favour and make sure you carry out your SEO efforts, all while keeping an eye out for any potential mistakes or problems.

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