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What Is PPC Management?

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a term most relating to Search Engine Marketing or Google Ads (formerly AdWords). As its name suggests, Pay Per Click is a way to ‘buy’ traffic to your website using your keywords, charging a small fee every time one of your Ads is clicked. If managed correctly, the small fee you pay is incomparable to the value of the visit to your website.

Google Ads

The most popular PPC platform, but results using Google Ads requires research and a solid understanding of account and bid structures. The team at FWRD Digital are Google Certified experts and are confident we can get you great results at a lower price than most.

Display Advertising

Display Ads, or Banner Ads, are usually a mixture of either text, images, rich media or video and can reach your audience through the use of visually striking ‘banners’ wherever they live. At FWRD Digital, we utilise Google’s expansive network to deliver the right message at the right time and, by accessing cutting-edge technology from our partner platforms, leverage Ad Exchanges normally reserved for big business.

Remarketing: Turning Prospects into Conversions

Imagine your website converts at 5%, how do you bring the remaining 95% of traffic back? Through the use of advanced remarketing techniques, the team at FWRD Digital tracks your website visitors and ‘follows’ them across the web, effectively re-engaging them. FWRD digital nurture your lost audience throughout the buying process, bringing them back to you every time.

Transparent Reporting

All FWRD Digital customers have the option to access a live, customisable dashboard tracking the success of current and previous campaigns – 24/7, giving you complete transparency. Not limited to vanity metrics such as clicks, likes and shares, at FWRD we also focus on the metrics that matter – phone calls, form fills and sales. We can even voice record your phone calls, giving you an even deeper understanding of your campaign’s ROI.

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Why We’re Hobart’s Leading PPC Agency

Results Driven

Our priority is to deliver profitable Google Ads traffic to your site at the cheapest cost possible

Qualified Staff

We have a qualified PPC team that understand the local market and utilise only the best practice techniques.


You have the option of accessing a live 24/7 dashboard that tracks your PPC progress.

NO Contracts

We don’t believe in Lock-In contracts instead allowing our work do the talking.

Some of Our Recent Results

65% increase in Google Ads Conversions while lowering the Cost Per Acquisition by 59%.

15% decrease in Average Cost Per Click. 19% Google Ads conversion rate.

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