It goes without saying that your business needs a website. A means by which your prospective customers can get a feel for your brand, understand what makes you stand out among your competitors and, potentially, make a purchase. But sometimes, getting people to engage with your business website can feel like you’re adrift on a desert island, sending out your message in a bottle… in a sea of messages in bottles. 

Everyone wants their business website to be noticed by prospective customers. Which is why SEO is such a high priority. Although keeping up with the latest Search Engine Optimisation trends is important, let’s not kid ourselves. It’s one thing getting people to visit your website. It’s another getting them to visit your website and spend money, or even subscribe to updates. As such, if your SEO efforts aren’t combined with a robust CRO strategy, you could find that your Return On Investment suffers.

What is CRO?

The high hit rate figures on your homepage may give you a warm, glowy feeling inside. But they don’t pay your bills. If you want to turn visitors into customers (or at the very least get them to build a relationship with your business), you need to invest in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). This is a strategic combination of methodologies designed to encourage website visitors to convert into either qualified leads or paying customers. When we say we want visitors to “convert” we don’t necessarily expect them to make a purchase. We may want them to join our mailing list, request a free trial or sample, fill out a lead generation form etc. any kind of outcome that starts a relationship with the business. 

We’ll get into specific techniques in another post. In the meantime, however, we need to talk about…

Why you should care about CRO

If you want to improve your digital marketing ROI, attract new customers, retain existing customers and grow your business, you need to make CRO a priority. 

Without addressing conversion rates you could find yourself wasting a fortune in paid advertising that doesn’t result in sales, and lose costumers to bigger businesses like Amazon or even local competitors. 

Optimising your conversion rate invariably means optimising your website. CRO usually requires you to make changes to your website’s appearance and UX, making it easier and more satisfying to navigate while also removing potential barriers to sales. Who knows how many sales you could have been losing because visitors found it too difficult to access the products or information they want. 

We can precision engineer your website to maximise CRO!

The good news is that CRO needn’t be a headache for you. We can precision engineer your website to maximise your conversions and turn passing visitors into qualified leads and paying customers. We know what motivates visitor behaviour and can subtly tweak your website’s design to influence and encourage the outcomes that mean the most for your business.

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