SEO Trends For 2020


You may have heard that 20% of small businesses just like your own fail within their first year. As horrid as these numbers may sound, they’re true, but that doesn’t mean a death sentence for your business.

There are things that you can do to promote your business and ensure its success, so there’s no need to fear these numbers. As long as you build a brand and market correctly, your business is sure to flourish.

However, without a good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) package, this won’t be possible.

Here, we’re going to talk about 2020’s biggest SEO trends that are sure to have your business growing faster than you could have imagined possible. Read on to get more web traffic ASAP!

The Basics

If you’ve heard of SEO before and know that a package will benefit you, then you already are a step above many other small businesses. Still, you’re likely wondering what, exactly, an SEO package can do for you and how it works. Here, we’re going to analyse some trends that SEO experts follow in creating content that drives clicks to your blog. Read on to learn the most important things that our SEO professionals will do for you in creating stellar blog posts!

1. Keyword Optimisation

There are a few modern trends being implemented by SEO professionals in order to select the best possible keywords for your webpage. First, we utilise keyword optimisation technologies such as Ahrefs and SEMrush to view the keywords that are most searched in relation to your website.

This software allows us to see the exact search volume of a given keyword as well as how difficult it will be to rank in Google with that keyword. We then will use this data to select the best keywords to use in your blog posts.

Another way that we ensure high-quality keywords are used is by searching through your competitor’s pages. We’ll find the keywords that they use often and incorporate similar ones into your blog posts. Our highly qualified staff will be especially careful to insert keywords that appear most often on your competitor’s highest-ranking pages so that you can overtake the competition.

2. Backlinking

Another trend in SEO that’s just as important as optimising for keywords is called backlinking.

At the most basic level, this is incorporating links within your blog post that take readers back to related webpages. This not only benefits readers insofar as they can get more information on the topics that they’ve searched for, but also benefits your page visibility.

When SEO professionals create content with high-quality and reputable backlinks, this shows search engine algorithms that your page, too, is high caliber. Search engines will then rank your page more highly and place it within the top search results for keywords related to the pages that you link to.

Furthermore, backlinking is a two-way street. Your well-researched and highly optimised blog posts can be linked back to by other reputable publishing sites, which will generate more clicks to your webpage. You can get these benefits by purchasing Guest Blogging packages or simply by building good relationships with other companies. It’s a win-win situation all around!

3. High-Quality Content

Of course, the ultimate goal of SEO is to get high-quality content for your webpage. We’re not sure that we can call this a ‘trend,’ per se, since having high-quality blog posts is the goal of any blog. However, it’s just as important to note as anything else on this list, and it’s a good reminder that having content that gets people interested is essential to SEO.

One trend that we’re trying to set in creating good content, however, is sitting down with clients to come up with an individualised battle plan before we get to work. We’ll have a chat about what business success looks like to you and how you think your goals can be quantified.

Then, we’ll do all in our power to cater to your individual needs through strategies like content creation, link building, and website audit. All of this is in addition to the keyword research and backlinking that we’ve discussed before!

Optimisation Strategies

Now that you know the trends that we follow and try to set when creating content for your blog, it’s time to look into some of the biggest SEO trends that you should look into when talking to us about your individual needs. Read on for the best SEO strategies that businesses like yours are using in 2020!

4. Local SEO

If you’re like most people, you likely make ‘near me’ searches every day. Then, once you’ve made a search- say, for a Chinese restaurant ‘near me’- you likely click the first business that appears at the top of your search engine results, click the direction, and head out to patronise that business.

Local SEO ensures that you are the business that appears at the top of the page when people in your location make ‘near me’ searches. It takes your location and specifically targets those that search for keywords on their Smartphones related to your services within a geographic range near you.

Ultimately, this leads you to be able to reach out to people who actually have the capability to patronise your business!

5. Mobile SEO

Speaking of Smartphones, did you know that 90% of Australian residents own one?

That’s why one of the biggest SEO trends going into 2020 is called mobile SEO. This is, at the most basic level, creating content with the mobile user in mind rather than someone sitting at a desktop. Blog posts should be designed for readability on mobiles as well as have backlinks that take users to Smartphone-compatible sites.

However, another component to mobile SEO is looking at the results of keyword searches on mobile phones. This isn’t necessarily the same as what appears on desktops. Looking at this will allow SEO professionals that you hire to know what the competition is saying and doing as well as what kind of mobile traffic you can expect.

6. Structured Data

Search engine algorithms and crawlers may be “smart” technology, but they’re still machines. They often need a boost in understanding a user’s intent and delivering them results based on what the user is looking for.

This is where structured data comes in. This basically means that SEO content creators will structure the data on your webpage to enhance analytics. This will let search engines know what is on a page. It will also help these search engines to gain a greater understanding of how that page relates to other pages on your website.

In the end, this will give your page a boost since your page will appear more cohesive and credible to search engines.

Use SEO With…

There are a couple of important marketing techniques that are needed if you want to optimise your SEO results. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the technologies that are trending as being used in conjunction with SEO. Read on for more information and check out the links to see where you can go to implement these marketing strategies.

7. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) may sound like SEO, but it’s in fact quite different.

With SEM, you’re marketing your business within search engines. After creating a visually appealing and engaging advert, you can bid on specific keywords that you’d like it to appear when searched. If you pay enough to promote your ads, they’ll appear in at the top of search engines or in the sidebar over your competitor’s names. Not only will this increase your visibility, but it will do so at the expense of your fiercest competitors.

Most of the adverts that you pay to place in search engines are Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts. This means that you pay when people click on your adverts rather than paying a large, up-front fee. You only need to pay for the visibility you gain- no more!

8. Social Media Marketing

You’re also going to want to engage in social media marketing (SMM) in conjunction with your SEO strategies.

Using these technologies will improve the position of advertisements for your page on social media. People on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more will be able to view your ads when you pay to get them in a good position. This will lead them to your SEO-rich blogs, where they can learn more about your goods and services through engaging content.

Implement Effective SEO Trends

While many small businesses struggle to make ends meet, using SEO best practices ensures that you build web traffic and increase sales.

Now that you know the best SEO trends for the new decade, it’s time to get started optimising your page with us. Click here to contact us and request a free website audit. We’ll look at your webpage and work with you to get the best SEO results that you could possibly dream of getting.

Good luck!