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SEO vs SEM: Since small businesses account for 97.4% of all companies in Australia, you’re going to need to stand out in order to grow.

While having the best products is the way to get repeat customers, you’re going to need to get them through the door in the first place with an engaging website and good marketing. SEO and SEM are tools that will get people looking at your webpage, so if you don’t know much about them, it’s time to learn.

Read on to learn more about the difference that is SEO vs SEM as well as what each of these marketing strategies do individually!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a type of blogging platform that uses organic keywords, backlinking, and other technologies to boost the organic traffic of your webpage. When you purchase an SEO package, you’re asking a professional to look into the searches that people have made before clicking on your webpage. They will incorporate the keywords that have the highest volume into posts about the goods and services your business offers.

SEO also has a technical side in the form of onsite SEO. This adjusts components of your site to ensure that search engines view them as credible. Components include not only keywords and linking, but also titles, load speeds, and image attributions.

They also will link these posts to other related pages that have high traffic and credibility, ensuring that search engine algorithms see your page as reputable. This will boost your position in the search engine and get you more clicks!

What Is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is slightly different than SEO. It refers to advertising your business by paying for adverts that appear on search engine home pages. While still a method of promoting your business, these adverts link back to your SEO-optimized blog rather than having all the information and keywords embedded within themselves.

SEM optimises for people’s locations and the keywords often used while searching for given services. The main function of SEM is to give you the chance to get your adverts out to those who most need to see this. These adverts will generally be pay-per-click but can come in a variety of formats. From small, text-based adverts to larger graphics, SEM can help you out.


Despite the similar acronyms and the association with search engines, SEO and SEM are entirely different from one another. While SEM gets to word about your business out there, you need an SEO package in order to appear more highly in search engines and get people interested in your online content.

Though SEO is likely the #1 priority, both of these marketing tools are a necessary investment. Specifically, pay-per-click marketing is the way to get the word about your blog out there with SEM.

Get the Best Marketing Services

While SEO and SEM are very different technologies, they go hand and hand in promoting your business and boosting your website’s organic traffic.

Now that you know all about the SEO vs SEM distinction, it’s time to begin marketing in the most effective possible way. Click here to contact us for a free SEO audit. Once that’s done, we can help you come up with a strategy that’s sure to get your business website more clicks in no time at all.