The narrative of Facebook advertising vs. Google AdWords should come to an end—two heads are better than one, after all. For a robust digital marketing campaign, you’ll want to make use of both! Regardless of your business size, using both Facebook and Google will allow you to create and manage results effectively, especially when it comes to the buying cycle. Use both platforms for leverage, and you’ll see yourself hitting one marketing goal after another! Keep in mind that no platform is perfect, so the best possible solution is to simply combine them!

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why you should begin advertising on both Facebook and Google today:

1 – Start by crafting consistent messaging and keywords

Rolling advertisements to a cold audience on Facebook will seem like an endless path of disappointment, even if you’re targeting well. It’s no secret that Facebook ads don’t convert as well as Google AdWords, but it takes up brand awareness by tenfold. It’s the largest social networking platform, with billions of active users monthly. If you wish to run campaigns more effectively, match the headlines and keywords used in the ad. This helps Google pick your posts up.

Leads gathered on Facebook can be increased through Google, especially since most consumers conduct brand searches on the search engine. Keep in mind your Facebook ad reach may be limited, and not everyone who sees them may not be ready to convert and commit to your products and services. They may, however, come searching for your brand on Google eventually! This is why crafting consistent messaging is crucial. Utilise keywords and SEO on your Facebook posts, and Google will favour you more!

2 – Use Google Analytics data to determine your next target on Facebook

If you’re staring at countless Excel sheets to filter, Google analytics will be able to help you out. Simply check your demographics report provided for by Google Analytics (and ditch your Excel sheets!), which will include specifics such as segments. Here, you’ll be able to see the gender and age of your top converting users. By banking on this data, you’ll be able to craft more effective Facebook advertising posts. Adjust the top converting age segments accordingly and bid for users who are more likely to convert—you’ll find your campaigns hitting their targets time and time again!

3 – Engage with Facebook, hit with Google

Advertising thrives on engagement—if you cannot attract user interaction, your campaign will have been for nothing. The digital landscape dictates that the most active users use their mobiles, using social network platforms like Facebook seven days of the week. With this in mind, your business will do well to retarget customers. By creating a well-targeted campaign on Facebook, you’ll be able to draw audiences in. After this initial attraction, your customers will want to learn more about you—this is where Google comes in. As soon as they’ve investigated your brand, conversions will increase. In other words, use Facebook ads as bait—and then close the deal with Google.


Implementing marketing and advertising strategies using both Google and Facebook may seem like a daunting task, but the benefits will be well worth it! The age of the digital world is now, and digital marketing is taking the business landscape by storm. At this point, creating a digital space for your brand’s online presence is no longer optional—it’s crucial.

Facebook and Google ads campaign process can be challenging, but as a digital marketing agency in Hobart, we know just what to do. We promise you results—contact our team today to ask us how!