One aspect of your overall marketing strategy that might not be getting enough attention is social media. This would be a great shame, as these platforms are great tools to bring leads to your website. Leads, as you should be familiar with, is what ultimately generates sales, which means that you shouldn’t be ignoring the potential that social media has.=

In this article, we’ll tell you about eight different ways you can leverage your social media in order to maximise leads to your website. Find out what those are in the sections below.

1 – Make sure the links are there:

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your social media content points to your website for any of these tactics to work. You can do this by providing a website link in your profile, but also remember that any posts you publish should also have this link.

2 – Post regularly

If you want to maximize the number of people who will see your posts, you need to publish them regularly so that your content doesn’t fall through the cracks. These platforms are fiercely competitive, and not posting enough can make your accounts virtually invisible to the public.

3 – Engage afterwards

Posting content is not enough. The whole point of social media is that it keeps people connected, which means you have to play an active role in connecting with your audience. Respond to their comments or give them a Like, and make sure you always express your gratitude whenever they mention your business in their own posts.

4 – Incentivise if you can

Sometimes, your posts might not be receiving any significant amount of attention. Get creative in situations like this. You can run a contest that encourages your audience to get involved or offer a promotion for a limited time to drive up engagement.

5 – Use the tools that are already there

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have built-in tools that encourage audience participation. You can set up a poll, a fundraiser, or a live watch party—and all of these are highly effective at enticing customers to your business.

6 – Take advantage of paid ads

Some social media sites allow you to run sponsored ads for a certain duration. You can take advantage of this to further broaden your reach or retarget customers that might have forgotten about your brand.

7 – Don’t forget about hashtags

Hashtags have gotten quite a bad rap, but they’re still highly effective at improving your posts’ discoverability. Make sure you use them wisely, though, as you don’t want to inadvertently hurt your reputation by stuffing irrelevant hashtags into your posts.

8 – Add call to action buttons

Business accounts on social media pages can be set up to feature call-to-action buttons such as ‘Book Now’ and ‘Shop Now.’ These buttons can point directly to your website, translating to easy conversions from people who are already interested in your business.


All these tactics are designed to attract more people to your social media accounts to ultimately direct them to your website. You can perform any combination of them, or even all of them at once, and we guarantee you’ll start seeing results in no time.

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